Wednesday, 2 December 2009

How To Install Gameboid Roms On Android

Hi and Welcome to the Step by Step guide on how to install Gameboid Roms on your android.

Lets get started.

1st - Mount your android device to your computer

2nd - Open your SD card in the 'My Computer' Directory. Should be called 'Removable disc'

3rd - Create a folder in this directory called 'Gameboid' (this is where you will save your roms and the gameboid bios)

4th - Go to this link and download the file

5th - Save the file into your 'Gameboid' folder your just made.

6th - Dismount your Android device and start up the 'Gameboid' app

7th - You will asked to find the GBA_BIOS.BIN file. Navigate to the 'Gameboid' folder and select the file you just downloaded.

Now that the BIOS is installed you can download ROMS and get playing. Here is how

1st - Go to and download the ROM you want.

2nd - Mount your Android device again and open up the 'Gameboid' folder you made earlier.

3rd - Navigate to the Downloaded ROM and simply drag-n-drop it into the Gameboid folder.

4th - Dismount your Android device and start up 'Gameboid'

5th - On your Device press the Menu button (with Gameboid open) and click 'Open'

6th - Navigate to the 'Gameboid' folder and select the ROM you downloaded.

7th - It should open up and you'll be ready to play. To Play other game repeat the ROM download process as many times as desired.

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Thanks Again Guys n Girls

Etwone (Gamer Guy)


  1. OMGSH Thanks so MUCH this works 100% thank you thank you thank you!!! Use this method people it works! Even though the media file link above doesn't work... HERE'S WHAT I DID:
    I Googled the gba_bios.bin file, then I created a folder called 'Gameboid' on my SD card like you said, after I downloaded the 'gba_bios.bin' file on my computer I dragged it to the 'Gameboid' folder. Then I downloaded 'Gameboid' application off the Google Play Store/Market and I downloaded 'ROM Buddy' application which automatically makes a folder called 'roms' on my SD card for the ROMS/games that I'll download from ROM Buddy... then I dragged the folder 'roms' into the 'Gameboid' folder. 'roms' is it's own folder AND 'gba_bios.bin' is it's own item in the 'Gameboid' folder.
    Then I go on my phone, go to ROM Buddy choose the games I want to download and then I go to the actual 'Gameboid' application on my phone and it shows all the ROMS downloaded from ROM Buddy... tap on a game and it's smooth sailing from there! Hope this method help also.

  2. Currently, you cannot obtain Gameboid from the market anymore...BUT i have a solution. Gameboid is still available to download in the slideme market.
    Open that url in your android phone and it will prompt you to download it. After that, you can open the file and it will still have gameboid in the market.

    Download and enjoy :)